Jenzabar Acquires Allurent

Boston, MA - January 10, 2011
Jenzabar, Inc., a leading provider of software, services and strategies for higher education, announced today that it has acquired Allurent, the market leader in powering superior online consumer experiences. Jenzabar will invest in the development of Allurent products, support the company's current customer base, and bring Allurent's advanced Web, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and Cloud-enabled technology to the higher education market.

Web usage has become a daily necessity for businesses, consumers, and socialization. Currently, Allurent delivers advanced technology to retail customers, including Sears and Guess, who use the technology to more effectively interact and engage with constituents through the Web and also to easily extend their online reach to social media points of presence, such as Facebook. Previously focused entirely on the retail sector, Allurent technology will now also be delivered to Jenzabar's higher education customers.

"As higher education institutions continue to improve Web functionality, delivering the same level of online service we expect as consumers is critical to engaging prospects, students, staff, and alumni," said Bob Maginn, Chairman and CEO of Jenzabar. "From online enrollments to e-commerce transactions of products and services, our customers rely on our Web solutions to enhance their value proposition and differentiate their brand. By integrating Allurent's technology with the Jenzabar suite of products and supporting investment in the next generation of Allurent solutions, we'll enable our customers to realize even greater levels of success."

"I am thrilled that Allurent has the support of Jenzabar, a proven leader in software development and technology deployment," said Joe Chung, co-founder of Allurent. "We believe the success of Allurent technology combined with Jenzabar resources will bring leading Web technology to colleges and universities while also expanding the reach of Allurent in the retail sector." Based in Cambridge, MA, Allurent will move to dedicated space within Jenzabar's Boston headquarters at the Prudential Center.

About Allurent
Leading retailers partner with Allurent to create the most compelling online shopping experiences imaginable. The company's signature e-commerce capabilities are delivered through the Allurent on Demand Software-as-a-Service platform, which includes a library of interactive widgets and a back-end administrative tool. Using Allurent on Demand, retailers quickly and easily create, update and deploy interactive experiences throughout their Web sites. The result is a superior online experience that leads to greater consumer engagement and more satisfied customers.

About Jenzabar
Jenzabar, Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise software and services developed exclusively for higher education. With more than 35 years of combined experience offering technology solutions to colleges and universities, Jenzabar is the trusted partner of choice to more than 700 campuses worldwide, including private liberal arts, state, and community colleges and business, medical, law and other graduate schools. Jenzabar is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, with regional offices located across the United States. For further information, please visit